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Workshop on Quantum Noise, 14-18 May 2007, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia
Schedule at a Glance

 Monday, 14 May
  14:00-18:00 Arrival and registration (hotel check-in time: 14:00)  
  14:30-17:30 ACQAO CI Meeting  
  18:00-19:00 Workshop reception - get together drinks  

Tuesday, 15 May
Wednesday, 16 May

Thursday, 17 May

Opening address by Hans Bachor
Gardiner Symposium
Opening address by Peter Drummond
Chair - Hans Bachor
Gardiner Symposium
Chair - Peter Drummond

Crispin Gardiner (invited)
Bragg Scattering of Cooper Pairs: Beyond the Pseudopotential Approximation

Chair - Kenneth Baldwin

Gerd Leuchs (invited)
Non classical effects in light matter interaction
  09:00-09:30 Ed Hinds (invited)
Atom detection and photon production in a scalable, open, optical microcavity
Subhash Chaturvedi (invited)
Dirac, Square Root and Wigner Distributions

Silvania Pereira (invited)
Exploring new data channels in optical data storage

  09:30-09:45 Joseph Hope
Controlling the mechanical state of a trapped atom
Gerard Milburn (invited)
Circuit QED transducers for quantum electromechanical systems
Eric Cavalcanti
Criteria for Bohm's version of the EPR paradox
  09:45-10:00 Andrei Sidorov
Quantum degenerate gas in a corrugated potential

Kate Wagner
Spatially entangled laser beams

Coffee break
Chair - Peter Hannaford

Chris Westbrook (invited)
Producing and detecting correlated atoms

Gardiner Symposium
Chair - Robert Ballagh

Hans Bachor (invited)
Experiments with quantum noise

Chair - Joel Corney

Matthias Troyer (invited)
Accurate simulation of quantum systems


Chaohong Lee
Adiabatic Mach-Zehnder Interferometry on a Quantized Bose-Josephson Junction

Howard Carmichael (invited)
Entanglement between a laser source and driven qubit

Guifre Vidal
Classical simulation of quantum lattice systems with PEPS

Andrew Truscott
A Metastable Helium Atom Laser

Xia-Ji Liu
Phase diagram of a strongly interacting polarized Fermi gas in one dimension
  11:30-11:45 Xiong-Jun Liu
Spin Hall Effect in a Cold Atomic Gas
Peter Zoller (invited)
Quantum Optics with Cold Atoms and Molecules

Philippe Corboz
Gaussian Quantum Monte Carlo for fermions with symmetry projection
  11:45-12:00 Mandip Singh
Bose-Einstein Condensation on a Permanent Magnetic Lattice Atom Chip
Andrew Sykes
Quantum phase transition in ultra-cold 1D Bose gas
Lunch break
Chair - Matthew Davis

Brian Anderson (invited)
Bose-Einstein Condensation in Bumpy Potentials

Gardiner Symposium
Chair - Margaret Reid

Matthew Collett (invited)
Not all done with mirrors: inputs and outputs for arbitrary fields

Chair - Murray Olsen

Simon Gardiner (invited)
Recent progress on number conserving formulations in an ultracold Bose Gas

  14:00-14:15 Matthew Jeppesen
Reducing the divergence of an atom laser beam
Scott Parkins (invited)
Quantum phase transitions in optical cavity QED
Paul Lett
Strongly squeezed light from four-wave mixing in hot Rb vapor
  14:15-14:30 Adrian Ratnapala
Condensate Formation and Quantum Shock Fronts with Optical Dipole Traps
Mattias Johnsson
Generating quadrature squeezing in an atom laser through self-interaction
  14:30-14:45 Lincoln Turner
Spinor oscillations in an antiferromagnetic spin-1 condensate
Jurgen Fuchs
Optical Trapping of Ultracold Fermionic 6Li Atoms
Charles Harb
Observation of Optical Squeezing at Microwave Side-Band Frequencies
  14:45-15:00 John Close
Single Atom Detection and the Squeezed Atom Laser
Chris Ticknor
Energy Dependence of Long Range Polar molecule scattering
Simon Haine
Measurement and Teleportation of the Quantum State of an Atomic Beam




quantum noise at the beach

and own dinner arrangements


quantum noise at the beach


quantum noise at the beach

and own dinner arrangements

18:30-20:30 Workshop Dinner
Poster Session 1
Poster Session 2

 Friday, 18 May
  08:30-10:00 Free time and departure  
  10:00 Hotel check-out time  




Poster Session 1: Tuesday 15 May, 7:30pm - 9:00pm

  1. Timothy Vaughan, Quantum limits to centre-of-mass measurements.
  2. Peter Drummond, Universal thermodynamics of strongly interacting Fermi gases.
  3. Sang Wook Kim, Atom ratchet based upon an interplay between coherence and decoherence.
  4. Bryan Dalton, Grassmann phase space theory of the Jaynes-Cummings model.
  5. Graham Dennis, Beam quality of an atom laser.
  6. Kasper Therkildsen, Coherent Quantum Engineering of Free-Space Laser Cooling.
  7. Erik van Ooijen, Large atom number BEC of sodium.
  8. Andy Ferris, Entanglement of atoms by four-wave mixing in an optical lattice.
  9. Matthew Davis, Analysis of the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless Phase for Trapped Bose Gases .
  10. Sebastian Wuester, Dynamics of quantum fluctuations in collapsing and expanding Bose-Einstein condensates.
  11. Kalai Kumar Rajagopal, Yukawa bosons in two-dimensional harmonic confinement.
  12. Magnus Ogren, Finite-size effects in atom-atom correlations in molecular dissociation.
  13. Karen Kheruntsyan, Crossover to a quasi-condensate in a weakly interacting trapped 1D Bose gas.
  14. Ashton Bradley, The quantum de Laval nozzle.
  15. Sarah Midgley, Phonon Superradiance in Dilute Gas Bose-Einstein Condensates.
  16. Angela White, Exploring Signature Change and Trans-Plankian Physics in a BEC.
  17. Sergey Prants, Motion of cold atoms in an optical lattice: between chaos and noise.
  18. Sebastian Schnelle. Superfluid to Mott insulator transition in an optical honeycomb lattice.




Poster Session 2: Thursday 17 May, 7:30pm - 9:00pm

  1. Hari Prakash, Quantum analysis of a nonlinear beam splitter with second-order nonlinearity.
  2. Lev Plimak, Nonlinear quantum-statistical response, phase space, and quantisation of nonlinear systems.
  3. Alexander Akulshin, Atomic media with controllable dispersion.
  4. Ben Buchler, Electromagnetically induced transparency in rubidium vapor and squeezed light at 795nm.
  5. Andre Carvalho, Stabilising entanglement by quantum jump-based feedback.
  6. Margaret Reid, Proposal to demonstrate macroscopic entanglement.
  7. Guang-Ri Jin, Storage of spin squeezing in a two component Bose-Einstein condensate.
  8. Stuart Wilson, A review of risk-sensitive quantum control.
  9. Murray Olsen, Numerical representation of quantum states in phase space.
  10. Joel Corney, Stochastic gauges for Gaussian Quantum Monte Carlo Methods.
  11. Joel Corney, Simulating the quantum dynamics of polarisation squeezing in fibres.
  12. David Barry, Phase space methods for the Ising model.
  13. John Hedditch, XMDS revisited: solving SDEs simply and quickly.
  14. Matt James, Quantum Noise and Control Design.
  15. Ranjana Prakash, Generation of any desired superposition of coherent states |z> and |-z>.
  16. Pradyumna Pathak, A Spin Squeezing Operator.
  17. Stanley Chan, Entanglement measure with local uncertainty relation.
  18. Scott Hoffmann, Phase-Space Methods for Bose-Einstein Condensate Collisions.
  19. Marcos de Oliveira, Multipartite Entanglement in Quantum Phase Transitions.
  20. Hyunseok Jeong, Generation of Schrödinger cat states from photon number states.



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